Juicing is life

Juicing is good for so many things. Easily getting fruits and veggies in but also cleansing!

Growing up I was NEVER a picky eater. Legit I would eat just about anything my mother made for supper. I can only ever remember not eating brussels sprouts and liver. Now as an adult I love brussels sprouts, turns out I just needed to learn to make them in a way I would like them. Anywhoooo my girl Ellie and my hubby Devin are the pickiest eaters ever. Like legit they dislike more foods than they actually like. UGH – this makes it so hard for me because I am the one cooking the food but I like everything and want to cook veggies all the time right!? Well I still do, and Mila is starting to like what mama likes so now I wont be all on my lonesome.

So instead of stressing, I just let them pick and choose what they want to eat and I just make sure they drink their juice! Experts recommend at least 6 to 8 servings of fruits and veggies a day….. so there is a gap to fill and juicing can help fill that void.

But not all juices are created equal!

You do not want processed juices with all that sugar. THOSE kinds are No bueno! I buy juice from a local juicing store – WYSIWYG Juice Co in Mankato, MN. They are raw cold pressed juices made with organic produce! Win Win! We also drink Ningxia Red Juice from Young Living Essential oils.

Juicing helps your body get all the vitamins, nutrients, fiber etc it needs without having to consume pounds of veggies everyday. Juicing can give your digestion a rest trying to break down all that fiber but still give you all the added benefits of eating the fruits and veggies. Juicing. Can also help fight cancer, give your immune system a boost, help remove toxins, and aid digestion. Juicing can also help fight inflammation and arthritis!

Ningxia red is chocked full of antioxidant power too! Have you ever heard of a goji or a wolf berry? They’re grown in China and the locals there insist it’s how they stay so healthy and how their skin looks so vibrant. Ningxia red also fights against free radical damage.

Flavonoids and anthocyanins are abundant in fruits and veggies which help your body guard against oxidative cellular damage – which comes from exposure to everyday chemicals and pollution!

If you’re wondering more about this whole free radical and oxidative stress damage here’s a good article to check out why it’s beneficial to help our body fight against these things!

Most of our lifestyles don’t allow for a lot of down time to make sure we’re getting enough of the good foods our bodies need, with processed foods being the norm, sometimes we have a gap to fill. We fill that with juicing in our household!




Homemade play-dough!

Why spend a bunch of money on play dough when it’s so easy to make!?

Literally it took me less than 15 minutes and I had everything in my cupboard to make it and all the ingredients are cheap! It even smells and feels like real play dough!

Homemade non toxic playdough!

1 cup water

1 cup flour

1/4 cup salt

2 TBSP cream of tarter

1 TBSP oil (I used olive)

Mix it all up in a pot heating on medium low heat, continuously mixing until it becomes a doughy non sticky mixture!

Plop it on some wax paper to cool then portion it out, add food coloring and essential oils if you want and bam! Done! So easy!

XO Kate


There are a handful of healthy habits I try to stick to and one of them at the top of the list is water intake. How much water do you intake everyday?

I try and drink half my weight in water a day, more if I’m feeling sick, working out or if I’m getting a massage.

Dehydration can affect everything in your body from your brain function to how you handle stress. Did you know water makes up about 2/3 of your body weight! Also water is key in helping your body release toxins. It’s also vital for beauty because it’s essential for good circulation. It can help regulate body temperature and it supplies your joints and eyes with lubrication, and helps protect your tissues, spinal cord and joints.

Somehow drinking 4 cups of coffee seems easy, almost necessary for busy mamas but getting 80 oz of water seems almost impossible!? Am I right!? So I have some very important tricks I try to stick to!

I carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go. I keep water next to my bed and I try and drink a whole glass right away in the morning before I even get to my coffee. This helps to re hydrate the body after that long 6-8 hour stretch of no water consumption while snoozin. It also aids digestion and metabolism to drink a big glass first thing in the AM.

When I’m sick I like to take some vitamin C right away with a big glass of water in the morning. This helps it hit your blood stream quicker and boost your immunity. This is my favorite vitamin C brand, they come in tablets or chew-able form. Ellie loves the chew-able ones, they taste legit like an orange! Like I’ve mentioned before, you want a whole foods vitamin so you body can absorb it better. 🙂

When you’re doing a cleanse or getting a massage your body is trying to rid itself of toxins, for this reason you want to make sure you’re getting extra water to help push those toxins out! When you’re exercising your body loses 25-45 oz of water an hour! So extra water is vital on those workout days.

The other really important things I try and follow when consuming water is use glass or stainless steel when possible.  Plastic is a petrochemical and plastics can transfer toxins into water or food. This is one of my favorite water bottles, it holds 22oz of water.  I also love to add essential oils to my water in which case I also need to use stainless steel or glass, so its perfect to just keep one with me so I can at any time add EO to my water bottle.

The last HUGE necessary thing for me when consuming water is a good filtration system. Have you ever heard of Berkey filtration system? Its literally the most amazing filtration system, it filters out toxins such as fluoride (did you know fluoride was used in concentration camps to help keep individuals docile… yet its added to our water). BUT it keeps minerals in the water which is awesome because our bodies need those!

Here’s your reminder to always check with your doctor about any health/wellness questions. 🙂


– Kate

Winter Blues

Counting down the days until spring, this is me every single year. I cannot get enough of spring and summer. The warm sun on my skin, the breeze in the air, the crisp warm morning air while I have my coffee on the deck as the sun is just peaking up from behind the chicken coop.  This is something I dream of all year round. The problem with winter is… well there is a lot wrong with winter in my opinion but one of the biggest things for me is that I thrive on that warm Vitamin D from the sun.

Here in Minnesota we have a long brutal winter with tons of negative degree weather. It’s rough for me, every year I struggle with it. When I was younger I would go to the tanning salon to catch some vitamin D *gasp* I know. Now, while I no longer do that I need to replace that vitamin D in a bad way. I’ve also learned over the years that not only do I need that vitamin D but I need magnesium, because when my stress level rises so does my anxiety. But with magnesium you also need to have calcium in order to absorb it better… I’m mostly dairy free. HA! So the struggle was real for me until I found the most amazing supplements.

For the first time in my life I am at the peak of my health. I am able to successfully lose weight and keep it off, I am able to sleep at night, my back is not aching, I have no nausea ever.  Truly finding better quality supplements and incorporating essential oils into my life has been a complete game changer. I hear almost daily from people how great I look and how much they can tell a difference in who I am now to who I was even 3 years ago.

While I take a wide range of supplements, Omegagize is my favorite and one of the first ones I recommend to people looking into supplements. Here s a link so you can check it out. I originally just stumbled on it when looking for a better fatty acid supplement to take while pregnant… THEN I learned we also need these fatty acids… literally everyone needs them, our bodies don’t make it on their own so we get it from foods like leafy greens and fish.  How many people eat those everyday? Not a whole lot of people that’s for sure. Fatty Acids are KEY to our health… as is magnesium and vitamin D and C and all the others.

Benefits of Omega 3 fats are things like heart health, regulating cholesterol and blood pressure, mental disorders (depression, bipolar etc), reduces inflammation, prevents/maintains autoimmune diseases and can even prevent cancer.. I could keep going but you get the point. They’re huge for us!

I look back at my life a few years ago and see the foods I was eating and think man no wonder I was unhealthy, not only was I not eating good foods to fuel my body but this was also causing me to miss SO MUCH nutrients, nutrients that my body was craving.

Not all supplements are created equal though. You want to find supplements that are whole foods so your body can actually absorb it!

If you take a fish oil supplement you find in the store and you take Omegagize from Young Living. Put them both in a warm glass of water… the Omegagize will dissolve, exactly what it will do in our stomach. The store brand wont, it wont do anything until it gets to your colon and by then you’ve lost the best window for absorption.

Omegagize is a fatty acid like I mentioned before, but it also includes vitamin D and essential oils which help the omegagize not go rancid, which can happen fast with fish oils. Also essential oils help your body absorb nutrients, minerals, vitamins etc at 70% better rate than without them!

In addition to omegagize I take magnesium, I really like the NOW brand, I get them on amazon. Here’s a link. This is the brand my husband started years ago, there are a ton out there, do your research and get one you feel comfortable with.  We like this brand because its NON-GMO, and GMP Certified. Magnesium is awesome because its

  • Nervous System Support*
  • Supports Energy Production*
  • Critical for Enzyme Function*
  • Consuming adequate magnesium might help reduce premenstrual symptoms and migraines!
  • If you’re taking a calcium supplement you should also take magnesium to ensure their calcium intake is properly metabolized.
  • Can also help with anxiety!

As always talk with a doctor and make sure you even need any of these supplements. Just because they worked for me, doesn’t mean its a one size fits all. What works best for me might not be best for you, as with everything, medicine, oils, health food choices etc. 🙂


– Kate

Mind set.

Mind set. It’s what sets us apart from the rest. Mind set is what controls our success. If you believe in yourself no one can stop you.

Being a business owner it’s all me. My actions are what determine whether it’s a success or a flop. It’s on no one else but me. People who make excuses/blame others, that’s their mindset.

If you sit there and beat yourself up saying “that’s never going to work,” or “people don’t even like what I have to say,” etc. Then right there, you’re telling yourself your reality. Your mind will believe anything you tell it. Believe in yourself. Tell yourself “you’ve got this,” or “you’re a rockstar,” because guess what, then you’ll believe it and you will succeed.

I read a lot of self improvement books. I do this because I’ve been there. I’ve been someone who often looked for the negativity. I’ve been the person who didn’t believe in themselves. I saw what I was doing and I wanted change. I decided to go get it because no one else is going to do it for me. Things don’t just get handed to you on a silver platter. You have to go get it.

If you sit there and look at what others have and think “why do they get everything and I get nothing,” then you will continue to get nothing. Instead of sitting there wishing, tell yourself me too. I’m next. It will happen. And you know what will happen next? You’ll get it, well of course you have to put your words into actions but if you tell yourself it will, you’ll be convincing yourself of confidence and that confidence will lead to action.

It’s simple. Mind set. You make it a positive place or you make it a negative place. Choose wisely. The new year is around the corner. You can do this. It’s as easy as telling yourself that.

Worth it.

What is with society and thinking we aren’t worthy? YOU ARE WORTH IT. Spend that extra money on something that makes you feel better. Spend that extra money on wellness. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

I often see people complaining about life. What I don’t understand is why don’t they change it? I’ve ALWAYS had the mentality that I am worthy. I am good enough. If I want something I will make it happen. If I’m unhappy I will change it because I am the ONLY one who can change my own life. No one can make you happier than you can make yourself, lets just be honest. If you can’t hear in your own mind that you are worth it or you are beautiful or you are smart, no matter how many times someone else says it you will not believe it.

The negativity I hear daily is insane. WHY? Why sit there and complain about it?? CHANGE IT. You can, if you try. Nothing will change if you sit there and hope for change. Get out there, if its your weight, go on a walk, small changes make a difference over time. It’s the same thing with how you got there. You didn’t eat a cake and gain 60 pounds over night, it happened gradually with that one scoop of ice cream everyday. So take that cake or that ice cream and cut it out. It will help, eventually. Just try it.

If it’s your wellness, wash your hands. Get a product that helps your immunity. Probiotics, ever heard of them? They’re amazing. Essential oils, they work if you USE them consistently! Consistency IS KEY in anything! Just try it.

Have you ever heard of the compound effect? Its this thing where you should do something small consistently and overtime it will change things drastically.

Read about it – The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. Its like $10 on amazon and worth every penny.

Start with the way you think about yourself. Tell yourself everyday, you are worth it. You deserve whatever it is your heart desires. God didn’t put us on this planet to be stressed and then die. We are here to spread wellness and joy. We are here to lift others up. We are here to GIVE. Give goodness everyday. Give positivity. Give encouragement. Give and you will receive! 


Mom Life

Mom life isn’t for everyone. There was a time in my life that I didn’t think it was for me. I was sure I would never have kids or even get married and if I did, it wasn’t going to be before I was 30. I was sure I had bigger plans. I was going to go away to college and get a bangin career in a big city and I was going to travel, a lot. Experience all the world had to offer.

Now here I am 25 married with two kids living the small town life and traveling for me means up north for a week. HA! Oh how god has bigger plans.

It’s crazy how when you meet the right person everythingchanges.

I met my husband and while we married fast and young we waited years to have kids.

My dreams changed. I had Ellie and she turned my whole world upside down, for the better. I loved being pregnant. I loved the baby cuddles, I was ready to have 10 more! I still would have 10 more of my husband would let me! 😜

The most amazing thing about Mom life is seeing joy through a child’s eyes.

Today we were blowing bubbles inside and the look in Ellie’s eyes. Pure joy, undeniable fun. Over a bubble. She always reminds me that it’s the little things.

e is nothing like it. The innocence they have. The way they light up when they learn something new and are congratulated. Whenever Ellie does something and is praised and her eyes light up, my heart just melts.

I used to not want kids because I always saw them acting out, being naughty, all that scary stuff. I didn't want anything to do with that. The crazy thing is though, my girls are nothing like that. Literally the sweetest most well behaved children I've ever met, AND I'm often told that not only by friends and family but even by complete strangers. Just today we went shopping and when we were checking out the cashier commented on how nice and quiet they were. Obviously they have their crabby days but they're far and few between.

I learned a lot in college about communication, what you should do and what you shouldn't. I grew a lot and learned not everyone is the same. I didn't have to repeat history and my children didn't have to be unruly and whiney. While I think there is a wide variety of things that affect the way children act, like environment, foods, health…. All I know is my husband and I are doing something right. I am so blessed.

I am so grateful that god had bigger plans for me than I thought. I love Mom life and thank god everyday for giving me my girls. I am so grateful that now that I have children we can travel with them. We can bring them places we haven't even seen yet and we can experience it not only through our own eyes, but theirs.

Oily hippy freak 

I know I know, people thought I was nuts 4 years ago when I started using essential oils and started sharing them. Its an MLM that stuff is a hoax blah blah blah. 
Well it’s real life people. It’s a lifestyle. Here I am 4 years later rockin this oily lifestyle and honestly the happiest, and healthiest I’ve been my ENTIRE life. Truly, and you know what else? I’m reaching goals I even thought might be impossible. 

I know ranking in an MLM people could care less about when they don’t know the business and the compensation plan but holy buckets I reached SILVER in Young Living and I am so damn proud of myself. This month I will make more money from my MLM business then I do at my FULL TIME JOB. This has been something I’ve prayed and prayed about. It is changing mine and my families life. 

Do you want to know how? Willable income. 

What’s that you ask? 

It’s this amazing thing where I can write my Young Living paychecks into my will to be given to my family even after I die. WHAT? so let’s say I die young. Morbid I know, but you need to know this. So if I die young, but have this written in my will, even though I’m not here to make money at a 9-5 job, and that 401k/life insurance policy will run out quick, my family can live off of my income from Young Living. This isn’t something that just goes away because I do. How incredible is that? 

And it’s not just my family I’m able to help. 

Can you guess how many families my team has helped? Over 100. That’s incredible. Over 100 people have had, more sleep, less upset tummies, less chemicals in their house, more money in their wallets. WHAT? This is incredible. This is something I live for. This is a movement y’all. It is literally THE best feeling when someone messages or calls me talking about how fast an oil took away their upset tummy or their worrying. I helped them with that. 

This stuff isnt hocus pocus if it was, I wouldn’t still be using them 4 years later. 
You know what else I’ve done? I’ve empowered women. I’ve helped with women getting their self esteem back, their confidence back. I have helped build women up as leaders. Nothing is more empowering than seeing these women rise up. 

Has it been hard? Have their been struggles? Oh man like you wouldn’t believe. But is was ALL worth is. 100% worth every single struggle. Have I been scared? Afraid of falling flat on my face? 100% absolutely. But did that stop me? Never. Don’t be afraid to take the plung. The only thing worse than failing at something, is not trying. 
These oils have done AMAZING uninaginablely amazing things for myself and my family. This is something I truly want everyone to experience. It’s unreal the things I’ve been able to accomplish in this life because of this business and these oils. Come to a class sometime, hear my story. It’s unlike anyone else’s and it will blow your mind. 

Be The Change.

Today I had a very unfortunate encounter with someone. Someone I don’t even know and all I could think was how awful this was.

She was so disrespectful and hurtful with the things she was saying. I reached out to her which was wrong on my part I should have left it alone but when someone is being an awful person to someone you care about its hard to let something go. It’s especially hard when someone is being downright mean to someone.

I truly couldn’t understand why someone would be openly saying these abusive and hurtful words. For no reason, out of nowhere. Literally lashing out because she what, felt like it? I kept thinking what if I didn’t have such thick skin? What if the next person she says this to can’t take it and hurts themselves, or worse, takes their own life? This is not okay. Bullying is not okay. saying hurtful things to someone and not thinking about how they feel about it or even having a care that these words just came out of your mouth is not okay.

When the world is already filled with so much hate why would someone want to put more hate out there? Why would someone want to opening beat down others with abusive and hurtful language?  It truly gives me an upset stomach thinking about the hurtful things that people say and how it affects others.

Why do people think this is okay?

There is so much negativity everywhere.

Lets be the change we want to see in the world.

Lets lift each other up instead of tear each other down. Lets love on one another because you never know who that person might be that just really needed someone to be kind to them today. You could literally change someones day by just being respectful and kind.  People have feelings. Even when someone looks like they have it all together and nothing hurts them, it does.

And truly, it costs NOTHING to be a nice person. Being nice, and positive and caring rubs off on others, imagine if the majority of the world was like this? Would the world be a different place than it is now?

Be the change. 

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