Forgotten Thank Yous

Problem: We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we forget to notice the things our loved ones do for us… or maybe we don’t forget to notice but we definitely forget to thank them.

Solution: Make a more conscious effort to show our loved ones they matter, we care and we noticed their selfless acts.


With Fathers day around the corner, my husband and all he does for me and our family has been weighing heavy on my mind.

The garbage.

The lawn.

The endless errands.

Making sure our chickens are taken care of.

Giving baths and tucking babies in at night.

And all the other little things in between.

Although I may miss a few… or lets be honest a few hundred thank yous, nothing goes unnoticed.

I am so blessed to have such a selfless husband. I work part time and he still goes above and beyond to make sure I have what I need even though hes home A LOT less than I am.

In our household my husband is very outnumbered. We have me, soon to be two daughters, two female dogs, a flock of hens and even a female duck! To say hes surrounded by estrogen is an understatement! 😛 All of us gals are so so so blessed to have such a selfless man in our lives. He is always making sure we have what we need …. even if that means chasing the duck around in the rain to make sure she makes it into the coop before the door is closed for the night – yes this really happened!


But just because Thank Yous are not said doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to show appreciation or to show that you do really care.

Some of my favorite ways to show appreciation on a daily basis

  • I’m selfless right back
  • I do those little things that “no one notices”, they really matter!
  • I buy little treats – favorite ice cream/candy bars just because they crossed my mind while I was at the store.
  • I let my husband know how good he looks in his new shirt – even if I bought it for him ;)!

It really doesn’t take all that much to do something little to show you were thinking of someone. One of my favorite things to do is send out hand written notes to people. I LOVE getting hand written notes in the mail so I know when I am sending them out just how great the other person is going to feel. Its so simple yet so thoughtful. Now obviously I am not going to send my husband a hand written note but that doesn’t mean I cant send him a quick text!

Lets make a more conscious effort to show our loved ones they matter.

My point is to do those little things, show your appreciation because your loved ones notice it.   They are thankful every second of the day even if its not being said out loud.




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Hey ya'll! I'm Katie, I am a wife and a mother of two sassy little girls! My family and I live in the country, we have a little flock of hens and a few dogs! I am a mompreneur and love indulging in good self help books. I am an avid essential oil user and love sharing my way of a toxin free life. WendtWifeStyles is all about my simple life. :)

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