Why can’t women have both?


Dreams or children? I feel like the hype now a days is women putting off having babies so they can pour themselves into a career.

Who says you cant have both? Well having both can be hard. Extremely hard. It’s hard with the way the norm of the hustle and bustle work life is Monday – Friday 8AM to 5PM or more if you’re some big boss executive running a company. But does it have to be that way?


I graduated college planning to do something with my career… until I had my daughter and realized I HATED working Monday – Friday and her spending all day with someone else when all I wanted was to be with her, watch her grow, snuggle her, kiss her before nap time. Seeing her for 2 hours at night after work/before bed when we were trying to cram in supper and a bath before bedtime was no, not for me, at all.

The funny thing is before my husband and I started having kids he always said he wanted me to stay home with our children but I was always against it… in fact I didn’t even want kids, I wanted a career. 4 years of marriage later and I had the baby fever. It’s so crazy when you become a mom how much your life changes and your thoughts and wants and dreams change right along with it, or at least mine did.  I left my full time job for a part time job when Ellie was around 8 months old. That was OK for awhile but I was still working Monday – Friday just shorter days and I still felt like this wasn’t for me. But guess what I was also working my own business on the side and that’s where my real passion was.

Who says you cant have both? Babies and an amazing boss bitch career? Guess what, I am doing it. I have an amazing team of oily women and mommies by my side doing this thing where we get to share how these amazing products have changed our lives and while we’re doing that we’re bringing home the bacon. This is so much more rewarding than my college career would have ever been. I get to not only change other peoples lives, help mommies so their babies can sleep through the night, fix upset tummies and all the endless possibilities that come along with these amazing products but I get to do this all while I’m home with my babies. The other amazing thing about my oily career is the friendships  and connections that have come out of it.  I get to get together with these ladies and its amazing how much you connect with someone when you’re changing lives.  We get together and get to talk about our favorite stuff and get to bounce ideas off each other – its great because we can bring our babies and we don’t have some boss telling us nope bring them to daycare.

This. Is. Life.

This is what god had in the plans for me all along, it just took awhile for me to figure it out.

So selling isn’t for you? Great because its not for me either. I don’t sell. I don’t do this for the money either, is that a great perk? Obviously, but that’s not what its about for me. I do this for that feeling I get when these hippidy dippidy oils work. I do this for all those people out there searching for something different. Something that’s going to work.

I do this to change lives just like mine was forever changed when I was introduced to essential oils. I do this because they truly work and why would I keep quiet about something that truly works. It’s just like when you eat somewhere delicious or you go to a great chiropractor – you tell your friends so they can experience it just as you do!

If you’ve been looking for something more, something different, change, here is your sign. Don’t wait because you’re the only one who can change where you are in life.  You have all the power, if you want those babies but you also have dreams, go get them because a happy mama makes for everyone around her to be happy too.


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Hey ya'll! I'm Katie, I am a wife and a mother of two sassy little girls! My family and I live in the country, we have a little flock of hens and a few dogs! I am a mompreneur and love indulging in good self help books. I am an avid essential oil user and love sharing my way of a toxin free life. WendtWifeStyles is all about my simple life. :)

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