Seasons of life

This morning I was feeling really overwhelmed in my mom role and not at all prepared for Devin to go back to work as it’s Monday. In fact I was dreading him leaving because I just really wanted his help. As a mom I really don’t have time to feel this way because time isn’t stopping and the day will continue on with or without me being ready. 

 Now I know I’m only feeling this way due to lack of sleep… I forgot how little sleep you actually get with a newborn. Not to mention the wee hours of the night is when Mila gets a little cranky and just wants to be held, so typically from about 2AM to 4AM neither of us are sleeping… or she is and I’m rocking her because the second I put her down she will cry and this mama ain’t got no time for that cry it out method. This morning when I was feeling overwhelmed I really just needed a break, even if it was just for an hour. So when I finally got her back to sleep and Ellie was eating breakfast engulfed in Maya the Bee, I got some oils on, started diffusing some Joy and brewed a pot of coffee. I haven’t had coffee in probably a week so this was much needed. Then I sat down with my coffee and poured myself into a business video I’ve been wanting to watch for a few days – while I would have loved to sleep instead, this cup of coffee and video was just what I needed today in that moment. 

The gal in the video talked about seasons of life. This season I’m in will pass and we will be in a new one in the blink of an eye. This was the reminder I needed this morning. I need to embrace this season because soon miss Mila will be sleeping through the night and I just might miss those wee hours of the morning where it’s just her and I snuggling. 

Lately I’ve been so busy in my mom role I haven’t really had time for anything else. This morning I got a little bit of normalcy. I am glad I was able to recharge and heard exactly what I needed to hear in order to realize this too shall pass. I was reminded to see the beauty in this trying season even when I could fall asleep and probably sleep for a day. 

So moral of the story is the seasons are always changing and they usually don’t last too long. 


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Hey ya'll! I'm Katie, I am a wife and a mother of two sassy little girls! My family and I live in the country, we have a little flock of hens and a few dogs! I am a mompreneur and love indulging in good self help books. I am an avid essential oil user and love sharing my way of a toxin free life. WendtWifeStyles is all about my simple life. :)

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