Wendt Party of Four

It’s officially been just a little over a week since miss Mila made her entrance into the world. So far we’ve experienced every emotion you can think of but are adjusting nicely to being a family of four. Insert hashtag Wendtpartyof4. We’re figuring out somewhat of a routine, as routine as you can get with a toddler and a newborn. 
When Ellie was a newborn she was colicky and life was hard. It’s so different this time around. I have some thoughts on why – such as Ellie had a protein dairy allergy that we didn’t know about and we got her vaccinated which caused a number of other issues which made for a very uncomfortable baby. This second time around parents we are now, we obviously still don’t know everything but we have at least been around the block once and learned enough to know what we can do differently this time. This time I’ve given up dairy already, no vaccinations and she’s already been to the chiropractor.  

Why am I giving up dairy again?
The other day I had eaten a Hershey’s chocolate bar after supper and later on that night Mila was so grumpy and nothing made her comfortable, then the following day I had one after lunch and later in the afternoon same thing – a grumpy mess. So we experimented the next day no chocolate and you can guess how the day went… she wasn’t upset at all. Soooo until further notice I am not having chocolate which is why I just decided if I can’t have chocolate I’m just giving up dairy all together. With Ellie I gave up dairy and lost over 60 pounds (more weight than I actually gained while pregnant!).  I am hoping to have the same results this time. It’s hard not having dairy but a happy baby is SO worth every craving I can’t indulge in. Plus it’s kind of fun Pinteresting new meal ideas/snacks. 

Ellie is loving being a big sister. She asks for baby the second she wakes up in the morning. She loves when Mila is awake and looking at her. She got really excited the other day because Mila was watching Maya the Bee with her, one of her favorite shows! We are so blessed that Ellie loves her so much, it has made this whole life change just that much easier.  We are so blessed. 


Essentially summertime

My favorite uses for essential oils in the summertime!! 

1. Homemade sun lotion! 

We have tried TONS of homemade sun lotions and have never been impressed. We found one that uses zinc and it was a game changer. I actually found the recipe from another blog! 


Seriously it’s hands down the best we’ve ever used! Essential oils are actually NOT SPF so the zinc is what makes it SPF – it’s a must, don’t skip it! We still add 7 drops lavender EO and 5 drops carrot seed EO for the scent and the other benefits these EOs have for the skin! 

2. Homemade outdoors annoyance spray!

I cannot stand bug spray like I despise it, it’s sticky, smelly and no one wants to lay in their bed at night and smell that stuff. Yuck! All the chemicals in it are also horrible for us so why not make one that’s chemical free?! Not to mention my homemade stuff works better than anything I’ve ever used! 

In an 8oz glass spray bottle

20 drops purification EO

5 drops geranium EO, citronella EO, Lemon Grass EO. 

2 drops peppermint EO, blue cypress EO and Lavender EO. 

A splash of witch hazel for preservative and fill the rest with water! 

So simple, so worth it!
3. Lavender to soothe sunburned skin!

Lavender is soooo soothing, we’ve used it on sunburned skin with great results! Either applying neat (by itself no carrier oil) or making a little spray bottle 20 drops lavender and fill the rest with liquid aloe Vera. We apply often! 

4. Itch stick for big bites!

So I buy these little roller bottles from amazon. In them I usually do 5-20 drops essential oil, just depending on the oil then fill the rest with a carrier oil – my two favorites are Young Livings V-6 or Sweet Almond Oil which you can usually find at your local grocery store. 

For the itch stick I do 5 drops lavender EO and purification EO. 
5. Owie (or as Ellie calls it, ouchie) stick!

So for owies I do 7 drops Melrose Essential Oil. Melrose is good for cleansing and skin health. We just roll it directly on any owies! 
6. Diffusing! 

Lime and peppermint are my absolute favorite to diffuse during the summer…. my second favorite is purification. Have you ever had a bonfire or your neighbors had one and your windows were open which stunk up your house? Yeah that goes away with purification. 🙂

4 drops peppermint

4 drops lime 

Lake House

3 drops pine 

3 drops Idaho balsam fir

3 drops stress away 

Summer Lovin’

3 drops bergamot 

3 drops lime 

3 drops stress away 

Peace Out Bugs

4 drops citronella 

3 drops lemongrass 

2 drops lavender 

7. Seasonal respiratory support roll on! 

So in the spring/summer I love being outside but my eyes/nose…. not so much! Having to blow your knows 10 million times a day, ya not fun. 

I always find relief with lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil and peppermint essential oil – while nursing I avoid peppermint EO and use copaiba essential oil instead! Peppermint has a negative effect on my supply. 

I put 10 drops each in a roller bottle and fill the rest with sweet almond oil. Roll it around my ears/over my sinus areas on my face and under my nose!  👌🏻 

I am not a doctor and do not claim to cure treat or diagnose anything using essential oils. 

Why can’t women have both?


Dreams or children? I feel like the hype now a days is women putting off having babies so they can pour themselves into a career.

Who says you cant have both? Well having both can be hard. Extremely hard. It’s hard with the way the norm of the hustle and bustle work life is Monday – Friday 8AM to 5PM or more if you’re some big boss executive running a company. But does it have to be that way?


I graduated college planning to do something with my career… until I had my daughter and realized I HATED working Monday – Friday and her spending all day with someone else when all I wanted was to be with her, watch her grow, snuggle her, kiss her before nap time. Seeing her for 2 hours at night after work/before bed when we were trying to cram in supper and a bath before bedtime was no, not for me, at all.

The funny thing is before my husband and I started having kids he always said he wanted me to stay home with our children but I was always against it… in fact I didn’t even want kids, I wanted a career. 4 years of marriage later and I had the baby fever. It’s so crazy when you become a mom how much your life changes and your thoughts and wants and dreams change right along with it, or at least mine did.  I left my full time job for a part time job when Ellie was around 8 months old. That was OK for awhile but I was still working Monday – Friday just shorter days and I still felt like this wasn’t for me. But guess what I was also working my own business on the side and that’s where my real passion was.

Who says you cant have both? Babies and an amazing boss bitch career? Guess what, I am doing it. I have an amazing team of oily women and mommies by my side doing this thing where we get to share how these amazing products have changed our lives and while we’re doing that we’re bringing home the bacon. This is so much more rewarding than my college career would have ever been. I get to not only change other peoples lives, help mommies so their babies can sleep through the night, fix upset tummies and all the endless possibilities that come along with these amazing products but I get to do this all while I’m home with my babies. The other amazing thing about my oily career is the friendships  and connections that have come out of it.  I get to get together with these ladies and its amazing how much you connect with someone when you’re changing lives.  We get together and get to talk about our favorite stuff and get to bounce ideas off each other – its great because we can bring our babies and we don’t have some boss telling us nope bring them to daycare.

This. Is. Life.

This is what god had in the plans for me all along, it just took awhile for me to figure it out.

So selling isn’t for you? Great because its not for me either. I don’t sell. I don’t do this for the money either, is that a great perk? Obviously, but that’s not what its about for me. I do this for that feeling I get when these hippidy dippidy oils work. I do this for all those people out there searching for something different. Something that’s going to work.

I do this to change lives just like mine was forever changed when I was introduced to essential oils. I do this because they truly work and why would I keep quiet about something that truly works. It’s just like when you eat somewhere delicious or you go to a great chiropractor – you tell your friends so they can experience it just as you do!

If you’ve been looking for something more, something different, change, here is your sign. Don’t wait because you’re the only one who can change where you are in life.  You have all the power, if you want those babies but you also have dreams, go get them because a happy mama makes for everyone around her to be happy too.

Forgotten Thank Yous

Problem: We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we forget to notice the things our loved ones do for us… or maybe we don’t forget to notice but we definitely forget to thank them.

Solution: Make a more conscious effort to show our loved ones they matter, we care and we noticed their selfless acts.


With Fathers day around the corner, my husband and all he does for me and our family has been weighing heavy on my mind.

The garbage.

The lawn.

The endless errands.

Making sure our chickens are taken care of.

Giving baths and tucking babies in at night.

And all the other little things in between.

Although I may miss a few… or lets be honest a few hundred thank yous, nothing goes unnoticed.

I am so blessed to have such a selfless husband. I work part time and he still goes above and beyond to make sure I have what I need even though hes home A LOT less than I am.

In our household my husband is very outnumbered. We have me, soon to be two daughters, two female dogs, a flock of hens and even a female duck! To say hes surrounded by estrogen is an understatement! 😛 All of us gals are so so so blessed to have such a selfless man in our lives. He is always making sure we have what we need …. even if that means chasing the duck around in the rain to make sure she makes it into the coop before the door is closed for the night – yes this really happened!


But just because Thank Yous are not said doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to show appreciation or to show that you do really care.

Some of my favorite ways to show appreciation on a daily basis

  • I’m selfless right back
  • I do those little things that “no one notices”, they really matter!
  • I buy little treats – favorite ice cream/candy bars just because they crossed my mind while I was at the store.
  • I let my husband know how good he looks in his new shirt – even if I bought it for him ;)!

It really doesn’t take all that much to do something little to show you were thinking of someone. One of my favorite things to do is send out hand written notes to people. I LOVE getting hand written notes in the mail so I know when I am sending them out just how great the other person is going to feel. Its so simple yet so thoughtful. Now obviously I am not going to send my husband a hand written note but that doesn’t mean I cant send him a quick text!

Lets make a more conscious effort to show our loved ones they matter.

My point is to do those little things, show your appreciation because your loved ones notice it.   They are thankful every second of the day even if its not being said out loud.



Shame. Shame. Shame. 

Aren’t we all just trying to do the best we can in life and for our families? Why is it so common in our culture to shame others? More specifically mommy or parent shaming. Why do we feel the need to give other parents advice on why what we think is the best? Especially when they don’t even ask for it? I love to advocate for things I believe in and trust me I do just this but I want it to be in a positive light because unless you’re ready to hear it, it will literally go in one ear out the other and fire will be spewing from your mouth about how wrong I am. So instead I have recently changed my tune about sharing what I think is best based on my beliefs. I don’t want to stay silent but there comes a time when you realize that you can share your beliefs but you need to share them with people who are willing to listen. 
Recently with this whole measles EPIDEMIC 😷 *cough * cough, I just can’t stop thinking about all the hate I keep seeing spewed over social media. We all have a right to choose what we want for our children based on what we feel is best for them so why do others try and put you down for what you choose? 
I am in the minority for not vaccinating and truly it’s no one else’s business BUT I allow others to know we don’t vaccinate because if someone wants more information I want to help even just that one person. I want to advocate for babies who don’t have a voice. I want people to know why we don’t vaccinate, that our daughter had horrible reactions, thankfully all things she could recover from but she was extremely uncomfortable for the first 6 months of her life and vaccines are the only explanation. Frankly its insulting and ignorant when people think parents who don’t vaccinate are being neglectful when we’re the ones actually researching what these vaccines are for, how they work, why we need or don’t need them, side effects (reading the insert – and no this is not what the doctor gives you). We do research from credible sources not just mommy blogs and google and we don’t follow our doctors blindly. 
But this isn’t the only thing. Moms are shamed for so so so many things and why? Shamed for the food they feed their children, things they let them play with, how they let their children dress etc.  Why does everyone need to do everything the same? Why would we want everyone to be the same? Diversity is a wonderful thing and we should embrace it. We should show our children we have rights to choose what we want. We didn’t have so many people fight and advocate before us for human rights only for others to want to take them away. 

This week multiple people have shared a video about how non vaxxers need to vaccinate because measles is making a come back with this horrible outbreak in MN. First of all I want to address this. Yes the majority of the people who have come down with measles have been not vaccinated but do you know why? It’s mainly in the Somali community – they have naturally low levels of vitamin A – this is the vitamin (along with C) that your body needs to fight off measles. They have low vaccination rates in the Somali communities because they came to a country where autism is an epidemic, they call it the American disease because it’s unheard of where they’re from. So instead of following doctors blindly they search for their own answers and make their own educated decision. These individuals were not targeted they looked for this information on their own. Now back to others sharing this one video on Facebook. Guess what, I’ve scrolled right on by. Not because I don’t care but because I don’t want to waste my breath on someone who has their mind made up. It’s their own decision to vaccinate but I am so glad I have the ability to decide NO to vaccines. It’s great if someone wants to talk facts and share information but the majority of these people don’t want to hear what I have to say so, you got it, I scroll right on by! It’s so easy to do and I wish others would do it too. 
Thank you if you’ve stayed to read all of this and are open to what I advocate for.  We all want what’s best for our babies. We are all doing what we think is best so why must we shame others who have different opinions than we do? If you want to vaccinate good for you but it’s not for me and never will be. Anything you tell me isn’t going to change my mind. Just like anything I say to some strong vaxxers isn’t going to change their mind. So let’s all quit the shaming and just be friends. You can vax or not vax, you can eat food filled with pesticides or eat organic, you can feed your baby formula or nurse until your child is 5, I don’t care what you do because you’re doing what is the best for you and your family just as I am. Let’s all quit the shaming and just be friends. 

Raising Girls

Raising girls in the world we live in today is going to be hard. It’s going to be one of the most challenging and trying things I will ever encounter in my life. I know this because I was a teenage girl once and I see the damage society does with putting skinny little models out there everywhere – magazine covers, size double zeros for mannequins in stores, those perfect airbrush looks on TV. Society does an awful job at depicting what real life women look like.

Today I see young young girls, like 12 or 13 contouring their faces and wearing tiny little belly shirts – this blows my mind. When I was 13 I’m pretty sure I looked like the most awkward girl ever and quite possibly had just recently stopped playing with barbies with my little sister. Isn’t middle school supposed to be filled with awkwardness and braces not perfect make-uped faces?  (totally didn’t just try to rhyme but hey I’m owning it ha!)

Because of society I am going to have to work double or triple time on building my girls up.  I want them to know they’re beautiful and that they’re unstoppable, that they’re intelligent and they deserve the best, and I never want them to ever doubt that.  Its hard to see all this perfectness in society and then look at yourself in the mirror and see you “don’t measure up.” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again for the people in the back – your mind will believe whatever you tell it!

 Feed it good thoughts. Give it positive vibes!

I grew up with a mother who always built me up. I can’t remember a time where she told me something negative about myself. She was my cheer leader. Sometimes she did it so much I got annoyed with it. Why? Why wouldn’t I want her to build me up? Now as a mother myself, I look back at this and am so grateful for it.  After being exposed to my mother in law, she is someone who struggles with her own issues and without noticing it takes it out on others. Its hard when you’re feeling bad about yourself to not do that, I get that, but I see what it has done to two people I hold dearly to my heart and I never ever want my children to feel the way I know these two feel.

I read this amazing Facebook post this last week about a mother who was in the dressing room with her daughter trying on swim suits and her daughter had nothing but positive things to say and she brought up how kids always do what they’re surrounded with so we need to lead by example. This is so true. Having a daughter and another one on the way I often find myself thinking about what they will be like when they grow up, when they’re teenagers or a mothers themselves. I want more than anything in this world for them to be happy and confident so I will do whatever is in my power to help get them there.

Be who you needed when you were a child.  I often remind myself of this – I was shy, I had buck teeth and a big huge gap in my two front teeth. I was always self conscious about this but I honestly think thanks to my mother, I am so blessed to have had her building me up so much so that even though I was self conscious about my teeth I didn’t let it ruin or take over my life. Granted I was blessed and lucky to have my parents who spent the money to get me braces, I am so thankful for this. But up until I got those braces in 8th grade I could have already done a bunch of self esteem damage and hated myself. Thankfully this wasn’t my case.

So who knows what issues my daughters will face, whether its like me and they wont look perfect or whether its something else. I need to be there to build them up. I need to remind them they’re gorgeous, they’re so smart and can put their mind to anything and crush their goals.  And I absolutely need them to know beauty is more than skin deep.  I want them to lift others up like I lift them up.

Remember that saying from when you were younger to treat others how we want to be treated? I think adults need to be reminded this more. Society needs to be reminded this more so that we can stop this awful cycle of belittling women.

Raising girls will be hard.

I will have to instill in my daughters to not be the mean girls, but I think this comes with how you’re raised too.  When my sister and I were growing up if we fought our mom always made us hug and apologize – always.  This will be something I follow through with as a mother of girls. They will know not to hurt other peoples feelings intentionally and they will know when they need to apologize. But most of all I hope I can teach them to WANT to do this. Not just do it because its the right thing to do.

With mothers day right around the corner all that comes to my mind is how thankful I am to god for blessing me with the opportunity to be these girls mother. I am so blessed and I am SO up for this wild roller coaster of a challenge but I know god put them in my life because I am strong enough, I am up for the challenge and I know I can make a difference and be the person they need when they’re growing up.


There is always a plan.

That is what I live for. 
IMG_0746 (1)

Not today.

Life in general can be tough, and sometimes for no reason at all. We aren’t always all 100% smiley rays of sunshine every single day so why is it we expect children to never be cranky?  This is something that has been tugging at my heart lately not only when my own daughter is being defiant but also when I’m out and about and see other children expressing themselves or when mommies are posting on social media about it.

We cant all be perfect all the time. Its just not possible and we know this. 

I will be the first one to tell you if I’m having a bad day and that I just want to be left alone, so why can’t kids feel this way? We’re constantly telling children what to do, how to do it and when said thing needs to be done. But I have days that maybe I just don’t want to get dressed right this second or maybe I am just not hungry when supper is ready….. but I might be hungry in a half hour or an hour.  Since I am the boss of me I get to decide those things, our poor children, most of them, don’t get to decide this stuff. Not saying they should be the boss of themselves because they need us to guide them, show them right and wrong and help them learn so they can grow into wonderful adults but what about letting them at least express themselves enough so one day they know they have this voice and that they can use this voice and so that one day when they’re older they don’t just conform to whatever society wants them to think. I want my daughter to think freely and think outside the box and be able to question something if she feels it might not be right. I don’t want to her to grow up and just be able to be pushed around. She is a boss and bossy at times but shes my mini me so we all know where she learned this. I love this about her. I love that she is independent. I love that I can give her options and she can choose which one she wants whether its an outfit for the day or if she just doesn’t want what I made her for supper. That’s fine, I will let her pick something different. I do this because I like to have options, I like to be the boss of myself and be able to choose what I wear and what I eat, so I want that for my daughter as well.

 What a sad world it would be if I didn’t have these options.  

We should let our children choose these things and be cranky if they want to be cranky. Just like how we all want to choose what we wear and what we eat, we want to be able to express our crankiness without someone telling us “no you can’t feel that way,” because who are they to know how I should feel? So why is it when kids are cranky parents often tell them to stop? It’s not like we can read their mind, we don’t know how they’re feeling or why they’re feeling that way so why not let them express it? Why would we want them to cover up their emotions? Personally, I like to express how I am feeling, not everyone is this way but I remember when I was little or even as a teenager my mom didn’t make me suppress these emotions.  She’d talk it over with me or just leave me alone if that’s what I asked. If I didn’t want what she made for supper (which I honestly cant remember one time I didn’t want her delicious food) but she didn’t care, she would let me have something different or she let me leave those brussel sprouts on my plate because she knew I just didn’t like this. Because you know what? There’s always tomorrow.  Maybe tomorrow I would want my vegetables.  I liked that she let me be independent and make these decisions because although they may seem small, to a child they only have these small decisions.  A small decision might be a big decision to a child.  Children don’t have to make huge life changing decisions like adults so why not let them choose these little things so they can be more in control of what life brings them?

Let those children be cranky and let them not eat those veggies.  Pick your battles with them because there’s always tomorrow.  Maybe tomorrow they won’t be cranky and maybe tomorrow they wont mind getting dressed when they’re told. Maybe today they’re just having a bad day and they just want to be left alone.  We can’t always do whatever others want from us 100% of the time and we cant always be happy rays of sunshine 100% of the time and that’s okay.

six short weeks 

Lately I’ve been worrying a lot about how Ellie is going to feel when we have this second baby. In just around 6 short weeks Ellie won’t be the only child. I worry that she will be sad or mad that I can’t immediately pick her up when she looks at me with those beautiful eyes motioning her hands to pick her up while she says “uh mere.” Which means come here to her 😩. I worry that she won’t understand why mommy has to hold this new baby and feed her all the time. I worry she will feel left out now that this baby needs a lot of my attention and I won’t be able to sit on the floor and play with her whenever she asks. 

Today a little bit of that worry dissipated as Ellie and I were snuggling watching our morning cartoons when baby started wriggling, kicking and punching away in my belly. Ellie saw the movement from the outside, her eyes got big and the sweetest smile swept over her face as she looked up at me and exclaimed “baby!” My heart melted right there. Ellie started rubbing and patting my belly. Then she started kissing it. Like 20 times in a row she kissed it and my heart melted even more. 

Today I worry a little less. I don’t know why I let myself worry at all because I know Ellie has the sweetest heart and is honestly the most generous little girl I know. She loves the babies at daycare and tries to help them when they cry. Although it will be a completely different ball game with a baby that lives in her house and shares her mommy and daddy but today I worry a little less because I see her tender heart showing through and her caring demeaner. 

I hope and pray that in just around 6 short weeks when she gets to meet her baby sister this tender heart and caring demenaer will show through. 

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